Mar 14

Where Do You Get Customers?

Where do you get customers or where you should get you customers?

Hi monkey, so the first question I ask you is where do you find your customer and the second is do you know Sara Davidson?

If you don’t know her you should check her last article on Hubspot blog (and nothing more maniac!) that I have partly included here, because she talks about a study on how marketers are getting their customers.

Why is this important to you?

  1. If you are struggling on getting new customers this is great place to start, understanding the statistic and what’s behind the cold numbers.
  2. Well if you read the article and report, you will find our about some fake legend and new secrets on where you should get your customers.
  3. It’s time you stop watch tv, or surf the internet and do something about.

It wasn’t long time ago when the economy crashed first in United Stated (remember bank people packing their stuff and middle class selling outside their houses?), than Europe and Asia. So if you don’t know where to get your customers you should start from here.

Source: Hubspot Blog Article

Part 1: Where do we get our customers?


Notable Findings: Taking a closer look at how primary sales channel affects where we get our customers, it looks like B2C companies dominate customer acquisition — 70% said they acquired a customer from a Facebook lead, for example. However, B2C companies do struggle to find customers through LinkedIn with only 22% responding that they did acquire a customer there. (I don’t think that finding is too shocking, though it’s encouraging that 22% of B2C companies do acquire customer there!) Conversely, B2B companies find a lot more customers through LinkedIn than B2C companies (53% vs. 22%). It is interesting to note that most business types had the same ability to acquire customers through a blog, around 40%-50%.


Notable Findings: With respect to industry, the Retail/Wholesale/Consumer Goods industry ranks the highest for acquiring a customer through Facebook with a ‘Yes’ response rate of 73%, while the Banking/Insurance/Financial Services industry struggles the most (only 33% of respondents said they acquired a customer through Facebook). As expected, marketing agencies do a phenomenal job of using LinkedIn for customer acquisition (58% ‘yes’ response rate) whereas the Retail/Wholesale/Consumer Goods industry only had a ‘Yes’ response rate of 19% for acquiring a customer through LinkedIn. The Technology (hardware) industry dominates customer acquisition through the company blog and Twitter — 55% said ‘Yes’ to acquiring a customer through their company blog, and 50% said ‘Yes’ to Twitter.


Notable Findings: Smaller companies have greater success than medium-size companies (who have greater success than larger companies) in terms of number of customers acquired through Facebook. Following the same pattern seen in Facebook customer acquisition, small companies have the highest rates of customer acquisition via the company blog versus medium- and large-size companies. Medium-size companies do the best on LinkedIn for customer acquisition, with 47% of respondents saying they had acquired a customer through this channel. Large companies have an extremely high rate of Twitter conversion with 60% of respondents.


Notable Findings: When comparing customer acquisition rates between the U.S. and the rest of the world, it appears that LinkedIn and Twitter are better channels for customer acquisition in the U.S. than abroad, whereas Facebook and Google+ are stronger conversion sources abroad than in the U.S.

Part 2: What is the average cost per customer?


Notable Findings:

  • B2B has a higher cost per customer than B2C and B2B2C.
  • The Banking/Insurance/Financial Services industry has the highest cost per customer ($303).
  • The Retail/Wholesale/Consumer Goods industry has the lowest cost per customer ($22).
  • Small and medium-size companies have similar costs per customer, but large companies have significantly higher costs ($425 versus $128/$150).
  • LATAM has the lowest cost per customer ($49) whereas EMEA has the highest ($252) with the U.S. not lagging far behind ($184).

Part 3: What is the average percentage of leads your company converts to sales?


Notable Findings:

  • B2B2C has a higher sales conversion rate than B2B or B2C.
  • The Mining/Construction/Energy industry has the highest conversion rate (39%), followed by the Healthcare/Pharmaceutical industry (30%), and the Retail/Wholesale/Consumer Goods industry (29%).
  • Small companies (27%) have higher sales conversion rates than medium- (24%) and large- (25%) size companies.
  • The U.S. and LATAM have the highest sales conversion rates by region (26%), followed by APAC (25%) and EMEA (24%).

I hope this gives you a good start at understanding how other inbound marketers like you compare in terms of customer acquisition. And of course, leave ideas for what else you’d like to see more information about in the comments.

Is any of the data here surprising to you? What other benchmarking data would you like to see?

Image credit: Tsahi Levent-Levi


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Feb 14

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Dec 13

How to influence your customer

Hey do you know that one of the most common mistake that salespeople make is to talk about themselves, their services and specials too much? In other words, they spend too much time on the features and too little on the benefit of their product or service.

Influence others in the best way

Ok so first of all during a meeting 1 to 1 or with many you will need to ask many questions to your clients.

Learn the W.A.I.T- strategy = Why Am I Talking?

In the next step you are going to present your solution to the clients giving them all the benefits. You might not close the sale with them because they need more time. So if you don’t close them, you MUST follow up. And If you close it you will get the Money bling bling.

You need to find your clients urgency and not your. They don’t need to know that you have to pay your bills. If the clients need more time to decide it can be positive because they will than stick with you longer.

If you are in some sort of public speaking, you can make sales right there in the spot or you can collect their contact information and follow up with them later.

You need to be yourself without being worry or stress.

Just remember to turn features into benefits as soon as you see your clients is losing focus.

Here is an example:

“I just bought a car with full airbag and navigator with stereo.”

There are just features not benefit. Instead of talking about this I should say

“I will feel safe and not worry about any car accident and I will never get lost again when I am travelling in new cities with my wife.”

Let’s make some other example: If the product is called Lead Generation and the feature is More Clients the benefit is that you can choose the customers you like. You don’t need to wake up in the middle of night for  nightmare about your worst customer.

If the product is Branding the features are exposure, recognition, autority the benefit is that you can get customer in less time. Instead of getting a customer in 3 months you can get it in 1 monht. In this way you can employ another person that you wanted or you can take friday off. Rember also the importance of a relationship,

so be the kind of person your client would want to go out for a drink.


Have a lot of sun in your life!

Elio Mondello
Elio The Sun
Skype: mondosol
Facebook Elio The Sun

P.S. If you need help creating your Marketing Strategy > Click here and become a Master.

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